About us

Who we are and what we do

The wood.u brand hides handmade wooden erotic aids. Used wood comes exclusively from Czech forests and gardens, where we carefully select it and then treat it with love. The uniqueness of the colors and drawings of the wood combined with honest handwork ensures that each piece is an original. All products are naturally safe and therefore 100% usable. We believe that this beautiful piece of nature will find its way to you and become a natural part of your life. In wood we trust!

The idea of producing a means of achieving blissful feelings is constantly driving us forward. The aim of our project is not only to produce dildos, but to change the general perception of sex toys. We want to turn them into an open topic that can be publicly spoken without scratches. Move away from colored silicone monsters, which must be hidden somewhere in a drawer, to clean elegant accessories that you won't be ashamed to display on the shelf. No more shy glances and blushing!!


As already mentioned, it is a wooden vibrator. The whole body is made of Czech wood, which we have worked by hand to the desired shape. We do not use CNC machines that would do the whole job for us The shape of the lathe is tuned to the last detail so that the resulting wood drawing and the vibrator proportions are ideal. The vibrator is finished with a stainless steel plate with a rechargeable MicroUSB connector and two control buttons. The vibrator has a continuous speed range that can be controlled with the buttons. The intensity can also be controlled by holding the corresponding button. The intensity range corresponds to about 10 degrees. Finally, the intensity switch will turn the vibrator off completely. The product is waterproof and maintenance is identical to products from other materials. We recommend wiping with a damp cloth before and after use. We wish you a lot of joy with our product.