About us

ho we are and what we do

Under the brand wood.u is a company for handmade wooden erotic toys. The wood comes exclusively from Czech forests and gardens, where it was carefully chosen and worked with love. Uniqueness of colors and patterns of wood in combination with craftsmanship ensure that each piece is unique. This is a perfectly natural product, which is of course harmless to your health and can be used without any concerns. We believe that this beautiful piece of nature finds its way in you and become a natural part of your life. In wood we trust!

The idea of producing products for achieving pleasant feelings constantly drives us forward. The goal of our project is not just to make the dildos, but to change the general perception of erotic toys. We want to make them an open topic that can be publicly spoken without jeering. Move from colorful silicone monsters that have to be hidden somewhere in the drawer, to clean elegant accessories that you will not be ashamed to put on a shelf. No more shy looks and redness!!